Graduate Spotlight: Abbie Cain


Please join us in welcoming Ms. Abbie Cain to the M.S. in Environmental Studies (MES) program. Abbie is our new Program Coordinator and Director of the Student Garden at Dixie Plantation. Abbie has been at the College of Charleston since 2014, previously in the Center for International Education. Prior to that, she held various positions at her alma mater, Northern Kentucky University. Her undergraduate degree is in Economics and International Studies and she received her Master’s in Public Administration in 2012. She lives with her husband and two dogs in Mt. Pleasant. Stop by or email Abbie at any time – Abbie will be splitting her time between the MES program office at 284-B King Street and in the School of Sciences and Math Building (room 254). Abbie is excited to join the MES program and would like to stress that her door is open to students both inside and outside of our program. We are excited to have her as the Coordinator for Environmental Studies!

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