Board of Trustees Approves Tuition for 2015-2016


The College of Charleston Board of Trustees voted to approve a tuition increase of 3.25 percent for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Beginning fall semester 2015, full-time undergraduate South Carolina students will pay $10,900 in annual tuition. Out-of-state, full-time undergraduate students will pay $28,444.

In-state students in the Graduate School of the University of Charleston, South Carolina, will pay $11,990 annually, and out-of-state residents will pay $31,288.

“We are mindful of the impact rising tuition costs have on College of Charleston families and have worked hard to minimize the increase,” said Greg Padgett, chair of the Board of Trustees. “We continue to balance the need to maintain the quality and value of a College of Charleston degree with growing financial obligations that we are required to fund.”

Following the tuition increases associated with this year’s budget, the College of Charleston will likely rank sixth for in-state tuition among South Carolina’s 13 four-year public universities.

“The leadership of the College of Charleston is committed to making the College more affordable, accessible and inclusive,” said College of Charleston President Glenn F. McConnell. “Although there has been a decline of state funding of higher education over the years, we remain committed to preparing students for jobs in a global economy. Today’s decision helps the College continue to invest in scholarships, distinctive academic programs, facilities and our student-focused community.”


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