Let’s Hear It for Barbie!


Be daring. Be different. Be impractical.¬†You may still see her on campus and that is the way Barbie Schreiner (MPA ’13) likes it. Schreiner coordinates the campus blood drives for the American Red Cross, working with student groups to collect more than 500 pints of blood each year. In addition or coordinating blood drives at the College, she coordinates blood drives in Dorchester County and works with schools, civic groups corporations and religious organizations. Schreiner started working at the American Red Cross in 2008, while completing her Master’s in Public Administration with a focus in Non-Profit Management at the College. Schreiner says the real world applications from coursework were immediate and validated her decision to pursue the degree at the College of Charleston. Her last semester Schreiner married her long time boyfriend, Brian in Charleston. The two reside in Charleston and enjoy all that the Holy City has to offer, especially the great food! Stop and say hello if you see her on campus!

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