Meet Maggie Burton, Graduate School Tour Guide


Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says, “I’m Possible” ~ Audrey Hepburn

Maggie Burton is a first year graduate student in the history Master of Arts program. Maggie moved to Charleston from London, Ontario, Canada where she did her undergraduate work in history at The University of Western Ontario. Maggie left Canada when she was two and travelled the world with her family for ten years, living in five different countries and visiting over nineteen! She is absolutely thrilled to be living in the States and studying history at the College of Charleston. Maggie is legally blind  and doesn’t allow her disability to hinder her ability to succeed. “Attending graduate school has always been one of my dreams; I’ve grown up experiencing history so perusing it academically just made sense.”

Life in Graduate School:

Graduate school has definitely exceeded all of my expectations! I love being challenged and enjoy the close knit communities that form in the classroom between colleagues and professors. The friendliness and supportive atmosphere of everyone here at the College is astounding: faculty and staff genuinely want you to succeed. College of Charleston’s small classes, historic location and personal feel make it the perfect place for me to do my graduate work. I came to Charleston because of the college, but now it has become my home.


Graduate School Tours:

The Graduate School is now offering campus tours specifically designed for prospectus graduate students. I delight in showing students around our beautiful campus, with its rich history and unique opportunities that set College of Charleston apart and make it the perfect place to pursue graduate work. To find out more about our tours contact the Graduate School Office at 843 953 5614 or email to schedule a time. All tours will leave from Randolph Hall. Please join us and tell your friends!


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