First Year Graduate Student Cara Howley is Dominating on the Court and in the Classroom


Eat. Sleep. Study. Volleyball.  Cara Howley from McKinney, Texas has been playing volleyball since she was in the seventh grade, which brought her to the University of South Carolina for her undergraduate studies. After she graduated from USC with dual degrees in Human Resources and International Business, Cara transferred to the College of Charleston to continue her volleyball career and to develop her already impressive resume further by pursuing her Masters Degree in Communications. 

Howley was attracted to the balance between volleyball and academics that the College offered. When she started looking for graduate programs, Cara explained that the College of Charleston stood out to her not only because of the athletic and academic ideals that it provided for her, but also because she feels so “at home” in Charleston, SC. “When I go home at the end of a long day, I don’t feel like I’m going to sleep in a college town,” says Howley. 


In Cara’s words, Charleston offers a true glance at “real life” that isn’t necessarily characteristic of a college athlete’s typical environment. Despite the challenges posed by her demanding schedule, she is enjoying the transition to a “grounded, more adult” life as a graduate student in Charleston where she says she gets to experience the “best of both worlds”.

We look forward to following Cara’s work in Communications as well as her achievements on the volleyball court this season!

It is Never Too Late To Set Another Volleyball Goal or To Dream A New Volleyball Dream~ Felicity Luckey


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