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If there’s a chance that you’ll be in Pennsylvania on May 20th and 21st, check out the news below:

Call for field biologists, naturalist and taxonomic experts:

I would like to invite you to participate in a BioBlitz at Sinnamahoning State Park on May 20th and 21st. We will take 2 days to collect as much data as possible on the biological diversity of Sinnemahoning State Park. The primary objective of the BioBlitz is to find and identify as many species as possible yielding valuable biogeographic data.  The event has added benefits as a forum for public outreach and environmental education. Few areas of science are accessible for public participation however a BioBlitz thrives on the participation of both scientists and community members.

The event location, Sinnemahoning State Park is in the heart of the Pennsylvania Wilds on the border of Potter and Cameron Counties. The park encompasses more than 1,900 acres and hosts a diversity of habitats including high quality and exceptional value streams, emergent wetlands, forested wetlands, mixed hardwood forests, grassy fields, vernal pools and a reservoir.  We would love your help exploring these habitats and as a thank you for your participation we have established free camping, food and drinks.  Please pass this information on the others so that we may recruit interested field biologist, naturalists and taxonomic experts!

For more information, and updates visit the Sinnemahoning BioBlitz Website:

You may join our growing team of scientists by contacting:

Jennifer Gross via email:


Arthur Metzger via email: or phone: 814-274-8004

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