Travel Abroad this Spring

Our blog posts over the last few months have had an international theme. Alexandra worked in France, Kimberly studied in India, and Andrew started his Peace Corps Master’s International service in the Philippines. Working and studying abroad is an incredible opportunity and one you should consider while in graduate school.

Spring 2011 Royal Britain Class in the Windsor train station across the street from Windsor Castle

This spring, Dean Amy McCandless will lead HIST 591, a graduate course on Royal Britain: The Monarchy from Alfred the Great to Elizabeth II. By studying historical, artistic, and literary portraits of the kings and queens; by highlighting the evolution of the British “constitution” over the millennia; and by visiting palaces, castles, educational institutions, and churches associated with royal rule, this course focuses on tee ways the monarchy has shaped politics, culture, and society in Great Britain from the Anglo-Saxons to the present.

The best part about the course is that you will spend Spring Break (March 1-10) in the U.K. with the Dean of the Graduate School. The travel component includes visits to and tours of Winchester Great Hall, Castle, and Cathedral; Stonehenge; Caervarvon Castle (Wales); Warwick Castle; Christ Church and Ashmolean Museum in Oxford; Tower of London; Westminster Abbey; Canterbury Cathedral; Hampton Court; Windsor Castle.

The cost of $3,000 includes airfare to London; local travel within the U.K.; hotel accommodation (double occupancy); breakfast; guidged tours and entry fees; gratuities for driver and tour guides; medical insurance; study abroad application fee of $50.  Because flights and accommodations must be booked in advance, a deposit of $500 is due to the Study Abroad Office by October 15th.  Scholarships are available both from the Graduate School and the Study Abroad Office.

For more information, contact Dr. McCandless at 843-953-5614 or

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