Introducing a New Blogger

Crystal MacLeanA new semester at the College means a lot of changes. Faculty and staff settle back into the school year routine, students take on new classes and experiences, and the campus comes alive again. For me, the new semester brings a change of scenery. I’m Crystal MacLean and I’m fortunate enough to be one of the newest graduate assistants in the Graduate School Office. Since you are likely to see my name and read my posts a lot in the upcoming months, it only seems fair that you know a little about me.

I was born and raised in North Charleston, which is a grand total of 17.1 miles from the College, according to Google. I never spent much time downtown until I completed my undergraduate career. I started at CofC thinking that I was going to go into marketing. By the time four years had passed, I had somehow managed to juggle the Honors College, a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, but I still wasn’t where I wanted to be. During my junior year, as I spent time visiting and teaching theatre in local schools, I realized that I wanted to teach. More specifically, I wanted to teach in a Title I elementary school, direct a theatre program and, if the school did not have a theatre program, I wanted to start one. That is what led me here: today, I’m in my second year at the Graduate School, pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching for Elementary Education.

I love writing and that I could easily turn a blog post into a book, but blogs are not supposed to be something that takes hours on hours to read so I will slide in more information about myself as the semester goes on. For now, I’ll leave you with this:

I loved the time I spent in Charleston in undergrad. I’ve loved my time in the Graduate School more.

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