Regan Fantry, on to new adventures!

We love to share exciting news on this blog. Often, the post celebrates accomplishments by our students, alumni, and faculty. Today, we congratulate Regan Fantry on her new adventures as she leaves her position with the Graduate School for one at the Medical University of South Carolina.

During her sojourn as Director of Student Records, Regan earned her Master of Public Administration degree while simultaneously supporting every single graduate student as they completed their own degrees. She has been a great source of knowledge to and a staunch advocate for our students. We invite you to join us between 3:30 and 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 29 in Alumni Hall (the second floor of Randolph Hall) to thank Regan for her dedication to the College and to celebrate her accomplishments.


All members of the College of Charleston community are welcome to attend.

2 thoughts on “Regan Fantry, on to new adventures!

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