Bicycle Operation and Parking Policy

The College has established a formal Bicycle Operation and Parking Policy to ensure the safety of both users of bicycles and the College of Charleston community as a whole and to promote the advancement of the College towards a friendly, pedestrian, and environmentally healthy community.

The new policy can be found under the Health, Safety and Law Enforcement section of the College’s policy webpage.  The policy number is 8.5.1.  Please note that under this new policy, bicycle registration is mandatory for the campus; however, there will be no fee for bike registration.  The free bicycle registration will begin today, April 3rd in conjunction with the SGA’s Spring Bike Auction.  Any bicycles registered prior to April 3rd will continue to be registered with the City of Charleston and thus will require the current $1.00 registration fee.

The reasons for mandatory bicycle registration are:

1)  bicycle registration has proven to be an important crime prevention tool for the police and is of great assistance to the police in finding the rightful owners of bicycles

2)  The City of Charleston no longer requires bicycles to be registration.  Registrations are now optional under the provisions of City ordinance.  (The campus police will honor City of Charleston registrations, so for those members of the campus community with City-registered bicycles there is no need to also register them with the College.)

While campus police officers will begin to enforce this new policy, there will be an education period for the members of the campus community.  To read the new  Bicycle Operation and Parking Policy, visit

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