Get Ready for Wage: Women are getting even

Remember Ann-Marie? We shared the good news about her earning a Rotary Scholarship, and her time at the Center for Women’s Women in Business Conference. Well, we are back with some more news to share from Ann-Marie, MPASA’s Chair of Professional Development. (Or, as I’d like to say, the woman helping all of our MPA candidates find a j.o.b.) Now, Ann-Marie is bringing to the College of Charleston facilitators from the WAGE project. Read on for more:

Are you ready to hit the workforce with your newly minted Master’s degree?  Are you wondering what you should be asking for in salary?  What does your fabulous lifestyle actually cost?

There is an amazing opportunity coming to the Graduate School that you cannot afford to miss.  On April, 23rd, facilitators from the popular, nation-wide WAGE Project will be hosting a workshop on salary calculation, negotiation skills, and all the steps you must take to insure that you are paid what you’re worth.

The workshop will be held during the day, so plan ahead.  The time, location, and invitation will be announced by April 1st.  Men and women from all programs will be invited.

Read more about it at:

Try calculating the salary of a person in your field and education here: or

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  1. […] who have supported our office as GAs for the last few years. We will miss them terribly, but wish Ann-Marie, Mark, and Whitney only the best as they begin their new adventures. This afternoon, 113 students […]

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