CofC Gains National Attention!

CNN and Fox News have been in touch with the Department of Communication/Bully Pulpit Series and the Division of Marketing and Communications to use College of Charleston’s campus for various broadcasts centered around the CNN Debate in North Charleston on January 19 and the Republican primary on Jan. 21.

Here is the expected schedule:

* Tuesday, Jan. 10 — CNN will broadcast from the College during the New Hampshire primary.  The event will be a small focus group of South Carolina voters to grade the politicians on various factors during primary night.  It looks like this will be a series of “cut-ins” during the 7 p.m.-midnight broadcast. This event will take place in the Alumni Center at the School of Education, Health, and Human Performance.

* Saturday, Jan. 14 – Fox News will broadcast the Huckabee Show with all presidential candidates (open to the public) in the Sottile Theatre.

* Monday, Jan. 16 – Thursday, Jan. 19 — 8, CNN will have a static camera on the Cistern Yard and will “go live” from the College at unscheduled times during the day. It looks like the camera will be used primarily to interview candidates and others as they campaign through Charleston. They are referring to CofC as their SC Primary host location!

* Friday, January 20 – CNN is expected to broadcast “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer”  “John King USA”, “Erin Burnett OutFront” and ” Anderson Cooper 360″ live from the Cistern Yard.

There may be more updates as plans unfold!

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