Guest Blogger- “Study Abroad Summer 2011, First Stop, London!”

I am pleased to introduce our first guest blogger of the Fall 2011 semester! Like many grad students, Stephanie McCartney is entering her first semester here at the College of Charleston. However, she was able to get her foot in the door a little earlier. The Accountancy program just initiated a study abroad program, which provides an opportunity for graduate students to study in Europe. This summer’s  trip consisted primarily of students graduating in the summer, but Stephanie went on the trip and was able to get an introduction to the program before the start of the semester. Stephanie is also the graduate assistant for the Accountancy Program, so stay tuned to hear more about her experiences throughout the year.

In June, 9 Masters of Accountancy students and a professor embarked on study abroad program throughout Europe.  The first stop was in London, England.  A cozy hotel located in a the popular and beautiful area of Westminster accommodated the students.  Its location was within walking distance from several celebrated attractions and the London Tube.  The students got to see and experience:

Buckinham Palace, The British Museum, Big Ben, House of Parliament, The London Eye, Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London, The London Bridge, The Bank of England, The London Theater and the Clink (London’s first debtor’s prison dating back to 1144!) A couple students even got to see the Broadway Billy Elliott at the London Theater!

Wondering how we had class?  It was actually held at these amazing attractions! The professor guided the students from one famous destination to another throughout the great city.  Surprisingly, most places visited had an interesting link to accounting in some way, shape or form.

The opportunities provided on this excursion were endless. Educationally, the class got to experience aspects of a Masters program that are unique and irreplaceable.  Personally, everyone developed stronger friendships and great memories.  Spending a week in London was the chance of a lifetime, and everyone took advantage of it to the fullest.

As the week came to an end, it was sad to say goodbye to London, but we all were all looking forward to our next destination!”

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