Thirsty Thursdays

What could be better than $1 beers? Drinking those $1 beers on Thirsty Thursdays at the Joe Riley Stadium with good friends, the friendly Charlie T. Riverdog mascot, and most importantly, good hotdogs. The Charleston RiverDogs, a Class A New York Yankees affiliate, is home to many unique hot dogs. The “Asian Invasion” has soy sauce, wasabi, and crunchy chow mein noodles, the “Dixie Dog” contains chili and pimento cheese, and the “RiverDog” has cole slaw and pickled okra. However, the dog that has gained the stadium national attention is the “Homewrecker,” which is a hot dog with a hollowed-out pickle for a bun, held together by a layer of cole slaw. I had a hard time envisioning this concoction, so I’ve included a visual.

While the RiverDogs minor league baseball team has home games other nights of the week, Thursdays seem to be the most popular. Games are only $6, and with $1 beers, the price is more than worth it. Just make sure to buy your tickets ahead of time and to get to the game early, as it can get pretty crowded!

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