Hey fellow grad students! My name is Megs Eichorn, and I am in the Masters of Environmental Studies Program. I am the new Recruiting Grad Assistant, and I am excited to be working with Niki to keep you up-to-date.

If you’re anything like me, huge crowds of people can be incredibly overwhelming! But who can blame people for wanting to experience the charm of Charleston, especially during a time of such unique events? The influx of art lovers in the Charleston area over the next two weeks will give you a good indication of just how popular the 17 day Piccolo Spoleto Festival really is. Running from May 27 through June 12, this multi-arts festival gives attendees a well-rounded, cultural experience. With over 700 events, the city of Charleston is essentially transformed into a celebration of art, and it’s hard not to become a part of the transformation.

Since its launch in 1979 by the City of Charleston’s Office of Cultural Affairs, Piccolo Spoleto has been important in the development for Spoleto Festival USA. While Spoleto Festival USA features nationally and internationally renowned artists and performers, Piccolo Spoleto highlights local and regional artists. Both have economically benefitted the entire state of South Carolina, but on a grad student’s salary (or lack thereof) Piccolo is a little more enticing. These events still capture the essence and appreciation of art, but you can still have some money to go out for food and drinks after the art!

Don’t be surprised if you see someone you know working at the events. Members of the College of Charleston community are proud to be a part of the festival. Hundreds of students, faculty, staff and alumni contribute to both Spoleto Festival USA and the Piccolo Spoleto Festival. Even staff members of the graduate school office have participated in Piccolo Spoleto. Susan Hallatt, director of graduate admissions (the woman who most likely solved any of your application problems), starred in the production of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas at the Footlight Players Theater. Additionally, Regina Semko, assistant to the Dean and member of the Charleston Crafts Cooperative, is in charge of the Silent Auction Booth at the Piccolo Spoleto Crafts Show and of raising sponsorship money for artists’ merit awards.

In addition to College of Charleston faculty, staff, and students participating and volunteering for Spoleto events, dozens of events are being held at the College’s historic venues. Tomorrow, June 2, Sarah Jarosz will be making her Spoleto debut at the Cistern Yard. The 19-year-old from Texas is a bluegrass multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter. She was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Country Instrumental Performance for the song “Mansinneedof” from her first album, Song Up in Her Head . Her second album, Follow Me Down, was just released in May. The show starts at 9:00 p.m., and tickets range from $30-$45. For more information on how to order tickets for this and all other events, please visit the Spoleto Festival USA ticket site at http://www.spoletousa.org/category/date/.

If you can’t make it to this concert, I strongly suggest taking advantage of the city you live in by attending at least one Spoleto event!!

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