I love [Charleston] in the springtime

Charleston becomes quite the hub of popularity each spring. Not only are the residents ready to get outside for some sunshine and good weather, but so is the rest of the nation it seems. Festivities usually kick off with SEWE in February, followed by the Charleston Wine and Food Festival. Some leave town for St. Patrick’s Day, opting to visit our sister city Savannah, where the river runs green. But then everyone’s right back in town for Charleston Fashion Week (March 22-26) and then the Cooper River Bridge Run (April 2). Both events have made their mark and have gained national and international attention. Not to mention that both take place in Marion Square, right around the corner from the College of Charleston.

Starting April 2 and running through April 10 is the Family Circle Cup. Daniel Island will host world-class tennis stars and fans for nine days “filled with high-level tennis and a host of other activities that have been created for all age groups from children to senior citizens.” There is a short lull in activities for the rest of April through the end of May. That’s when Charleston will host the 17-day Spoleto Festival USA. Nearly every historic theatre, church and outdoor space, including the College of Charleston, will host artistic performances. Programs include opera, theatre, dance, and chamber, symphonic, choral and jazz music.

Like I said, Charleston gets busy during the spring. Whether you’re in school, visiting Charleston, or just need a break from work, take advantage of what Charleston has to offer this spring. There is literally something for everyone.

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