Ping Pong, Air Hockey and a Hot Tub

Whitney is a Master of Science in Accountancy candidate, and one of our newest guest bloggers. I find that the most interesting guest posts come from this program, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. If you’re a new reader, you may want to see what Lisle had to say about the program and what King Street has to offer. Then, learn more about Whitney’s experience in the program below.

Already half way through my second semester as a MSA (Master of Science in Accountancy) student, I am already getting sad that these days will soon be over.  Moving to a new city (from Raleigh), not knowing a single soul, and beginning this new chapter of my life has made me so much more independent.  I just can’t believe it has flown by SO fast!!

Although I am working in PWC-Atlanta’s tax practice after graduation, the flexibility of the program allows us to branch out and take whichever classes we want. This is why I chose to expand my knowledge of auditing this semester. Taking a couple classes related to audit has only confirmed my choice of tax!

Although school has been ruling the majority of my life, I have been able to enjoy so much of the city of Charleston. I am from Cary, NC and went to NC State for my undergrad, which is very (maybe “a bit too”) close to my home. Moving four hours away from my family and friends has been quite the change, but only in the best sense of the word. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend a year of their life learning and living in one of the greatest places in the country? Being able to walk outside of my downtown apartment and see a horse and carriage and tons of people walking around literally always puts a smile on my face. It is also a plus to live so close to the beach – getting a tan in February is not a bad way to live.

My experience here in Charleston and in the graduate program would not be the same without the amazing people I have met. Our program consists of under 30 students, which makes us one big (dysfunctional) family. We have had several social events ranging from happy hours to oyster roasts to weekend getaways. Our most recent getaway was over this past Christmas break. About eight of us took a road trip to Asheville, NC to celebrate a successful first semester. Being snowed-in a cabin on top of a mountain, we learned more about each other than I think we ever wanted to know. Nevertheless, board games, ping pong, air hockey, and a nice big hot tub kept us occupied and we all had such a great time. However, after getting our car stuck in the snow while on a curvy mountain road and almost falling off the side of the mountain, I think we were all ready to get back to Charleston!

I’m looking forward to enjoying the next few months here in Charleston and finishing up my education in June! Then it is off to Atlanta for me to begin my career! As excited as I am about starting a new career, I will be so sad to leave this amazing town, wonderful program at the College, and great friends.

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