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If you haven’t heard by now, you may want to listen up. The GRE General Test is getting a makeover starting August 1. Testers will now be able to go back and change answers, skip questions, and use a calculator embedded within the program. Answers to quantitative questions will not simply be one of four multiple choice answers provided by the test. You will be required to enter numeric answers to some of these questions. The verbal section is getting a makeover, too. More emphasis will be placed on reading comprehension and less on antonyms and analogies. The GRE website lists all the specific changes you can expect from the new test.

The transformation of the GRE better reflects the critical thinking necessary to succeed in today’s graduate and business schools.

The formatting of the questions within the GRE is not the only change. Scores will change as well. Instead of reporting scores from each section in 10-point increments on a scale of 200-800, they will be reported on a 130-170 scale in one-point increments. This means that a new average will needed to be calculated from the new sets of scores. As a result, the scores of tests taken between August and November will be sent to schools starting mid- to late-November. So if you intend to apply to a program with an application deadline between August and November, you should take the GRE before August. The majority of our programs have a November 1 deadline for Spring 2012 acceptance.

If you have the luxury of submitting your materials after November, you may want to capitalize on the 50% discount extended to test takers scheduled between August 1 and September 30, 2011. Registration for the new test opens March 15, and the first day the revised GRE will be available to test takers is August 1.

To find more information and test prep materials, visit the ETS website.

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