Have you Considered Studying Abroad?

Did you know that taking study abroad courses isn’t just for undergraduates? The College of Charleston’s Center for International Education offers a wide array of study abroad programs catering to every discipline and interest. Many of these are open to graduate students as well!  Tiffany, a graduate assistant in our office, still raves about her amazing experience studying abroad in Trujillo, Spain last summer.

One popular Summer option is Irish Mythology and Literature, taught by Dr. Trish Ward and Dr. Joe Kelly. In their program, you travel throughout Ireland for fifteen days studying Irish literary culture from medieval times to the present day. In addition to the experience of having studied Irish literature and myth at its source, you end up with six hours of graduate-level English credit. Can you imagine a more exciting way to earn credit toward your master’s degree?

You can browse a complete listing of programs here. Even programs that don’t specifically list graduate-level course options may still be open to graduate students through independent study courses that apply to your graduate program. You may also be eligible for a scholarship of up to $1500 based on academic merit and financial need. Contact the professor(s) in charge of your program of interest or Julie Swigert in the Office of International Programs for more information.

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