Honors Faculty Lecture Series

The Honors College has announced their Fall 2010 Honors Faculty Lecture lineup. For those who don’t know, this series features some of the College’s most exciting and engaging faculty members lecturing on topics from a multitude of disciplines. It’s a great venue to learn from a professor outside of your discipline, or to get more information on topics you were always curious about. Here’s the schedule:


10- “Armonique: A Pythagorean Experiment in Computational Aesthetics” by Dr. Bill Manaris, Computer Science Dept.

17- “Fishing for Answers in Neuroscience with Zebrafish, Danio Rerio by Dr. Mark Hurd, Psychology Dept.

24- “Identity Politics and Transgendered Ambivalence at the Movies” by Dr. Richard Nunan, Philosophy Dept.


1- “Longleaf Pine — Paradise Lost” by Dr. Jean Everett, Biology Department

15- “Consumerism and the Environment” by Dr. Tracy Burkett, Sociology and Anthropology Department

22- “The Globetrotting T-Shirt: Stories of Globalization, Development, Poverty & Power” by Dr. Lisa Samuel, International and Intercultural Dept.

29- “The Role of Culture in Economic Development” by Dr. Frank Hefner, Economics and Finance Department


12- “Computer Modeling in Mediterranean Landscape Archaeology” by Dr. Jim Newhard, Classics Department

All lectures will take place on Fridays at 3:00 PM, in Hawkins LLC (just inside Rivers Residence Hall). Contact Jill Conway with questions or for more information.

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