The Quest for a Scholarship


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Douglas Wurster is a Revenue Specialist for Charleston County, and a current grad student in the Public Administration program. We recently received the good news that Doug was selected for a prestigious scholarship from the South Carolina City and County Management Association. Since Doug was successful in his search for a scholarship, we asked him to share his story with our blog readers:

This past December, I had the privilege of receiving the Max Holland/Mitch Sizemore Scholarship given out by the South Carolina City and County Management Association’s (SCCCMA) Scholarship Committee.  I was extremely honored to receive this scholarship as it is named after long-time distinguished city managers and proponents of professional public administration.   As a graduate student pursuing a degree in public administration (MPA) it provided much more to me than just monetary value.

The scholarship is given out to those who are seeking a career or presently in a career in local government management.  I am currently both a graduate student and presently enjoying a career in local government with Charleston County.  I was also delighted in the opportunity, at the invitation of the scholarship committee, to attend the South Carolina City and County Management Association’s winter meeting in Greenwood, SC.  This provided an excellent opportunity to network and learn from former scholarship winners, other MPA recipients, and current South Carolina government managers.

The scholarship was brought to my attention through the CofC MPA newsletter.  It was also further pointed out to me by Dr. Kendra Stewart, MPA director, whom I would like to thank for encouraging me to apply for this scholarship.  This was a very enriching experience for me and I would encourage any graduate student to not hold back in applying for any scholarship as you may miss out on an opportunity like mine.

Best of Luck,

Douglas R. Wurster

So, how can you be successful in your scholarship search like Douglas Wurster? Be diligent in researching scholarship resources. Your Program Directors, the Paying for Grad School section of our website, and the websites of professional organizations in your academic discipline all serve as  good starting points.  With any luck, your success story could be the next one featured here.

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