Taking a Class at the North Campus?

North Campus FacilityAre you one of the lucky graduate students making use of the College of Charleston’s North Campus? Students in various education and communications programs, for example, often have at least one or two classes at the North campus. Many students are often surprised at the breadth of services available to them there.

Along with both graduate and undergraduate courses offered by the College of Charleston, the North Campus also houses the Lowcountry Graduate Center, which offers graduate programs from The Graduate School of the College of Charleston and several other public South Carolina universities. And perhaps the best part about the North Campus (at least for those of us who usually fight for parking downtown): free parking!

In case you’re heading over there for the first time this week, here’s some basic information about the facilities and services offered at the North Campus, courtesy of the helpful officials of the North Campus themselves:

The College of Charleston North Campus has over 24,000 square feet of updated classroom and study space conveniently located ½ mile from I-526 on International Boulevard (near the airport).

Most of the classrooms have SMART technology which includes a ceiling-mounted LCD projector, digital presenter and computer (w/ optional laptop connections). The facility also has wireless internet access.

Other resources include:
• Four rooms equipped with video conferencing.
• Six classrooms with content recording equipment.
• 30-station computer lab.
• Three interactive whiteboards.
• Equipment such as overhead projectors and VCR/DVD players.

A full-time technologist is available to provide assistance and training on how to use any of this classroom technology and software.

Library Services
The North Campus features a virtual library, serving the needs of the students, staff and faculty. Access to online resources and research databases is available, and other materials worldwide are offered through Interlibrary Loan.
Library resources also include:

• 18 PC computer stations
• 2 iMac computer stations
• Black and white and color printers
• A color photo/document scanner

A full-time librarian is available for research assistance by appointment, drop-in, Instant Message, email, or phone.

Front Office
The office staff at the North Campus is happy to assist with copying/printing materials for classes. Mailboxes are assigned to each professor, allowing students to drop off information, and for mail to be delivered to them at this location.

There are multiple semi-private office areas at the North Campus available for faculty use. All offices are open during regular facility hours (8:00 am – 9:30 pm Monday through Thursday and 8:30 am – 3:30 pm on Friday).

The College of Charleston North Campus is conveniently located on
International Boulevard in North Charleston, near the Charleston
International Airport.
The North Campus offers ample free parking for College of
Charleston students, faculty and staff.
The Trident Research Center has security personnel on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This combined with security cameras that monitor the property inside and out and regular patrols and monitoring by the Airport Police and College of Charleston’s Public Safety Officers keep the North Campus secure.

Facility Rental Information

The North Campus has 23 upgraded classrooms, including a computer classroom and a computer lab that are available to rent for a full-day (four to eight hours) and half-day (one to four hour) increments. For more information about rental opportunities, please contact the North Campus.

Contact Information

Student Services Coordinator
Patty Simpson – Phone: 760-5871, Email: SimpsonP@cofc.edu

Non-Credit Registrar and Director of Facility Operations

Bronwyn Barron- Phone: 843-760-5862, Email: BarronB@cofc.edu

Technology Coordinator

Clayton Nagy- Phone: 843-760-3291, Email: nagych@cofc.edu

Jannette Finch – Phone: 760-5860, Email: FinchJ@cofc.edu

If you’d like to have this information in the form of a physical handout, just stop by the Graduate School Office (Randolph Hall, Suite 310). We have copies available for pickup.

Enjoy the North Campus, and have a wonderful semester!

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