Interlibrary Loan in the Fast Lane

Sure, interlibrary loan isn’t really a glamorous topic. And sure, everyone hates having to fill out forms and wait for weeks to receive a book that may or may not end up being exactly what you need for that research project. But here’s some news that might make Interlibrary Loan a lot more appealing:  did you know that the Addlestone Library has partnered with other academic libraries in South Carolina in a revolutionary new program that allows us to receive interlibrary loan books from in-state in about three days? Your work gets done faster, and everyone in the consortium has access to many more books than they would have if they were restricted to their own home institution’s library. It’s a win-win situation. Here’s more from the Addlestone Library about PASCAL:

The College of Charleston Library is part of a consortium of 40+ academic libraries across the state that make borrowing quick and easy.  The consortium is called PASCAL (PARTNERSHIP AMONG SC ACADEMIC LIBRARIES) and the service is called PASCAL Delivers.  (We librarians are clever folks)

If  you don’t find the book in the College catalog, you might see the bright blue PASCAL Delivers logo:


Click on the logo and you’ll  see the other libraries in South Carolina that own the book.   And if you click “Request this item,” you can quickly request the book and get it delivered to the Interlibrary Loan Office within three days.

It’s that simple – as many of your colleagues have already discovered.

Of course,  you may need books that are not owned by any South Carolina academic library.  In those cases,  fill out the standard Interlibrary Loan Request form  and our staff will borrow the book from libraries beyond SC borders.  But you’ll discover, PASCAL Delivers will make Interlibrary Loan even faster and easier than ever before.

Questions – call the friendly staff at Interlibrary Loan at 843-953-8010.

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