Repairing the heart of campus

amyRemember that time I flew the South Carolina Flag out the Dean’s window, just because I could? Well, it looks like the chances of that happening again are minimal.

Randolph Hall is rumored to be the oldest American building still in use in all of academia.  It survived earthquakes, hurricanes and wars.  Numerous movies and televisions shows have been filmed inside Randolph Hall, as well as on the Cistern.  Political candidates have also graced our campus, including John McCain and Barack Obama.

According to our walking tour, when College of Charleston was still small and private in the mid-twentieth century, the student body attended convocations in Alumni Hall.  During these services, the president would lead the students in prayer at which time students were required to stand and turn around, thus keeping their “prayers down South.”

cisternhrzThis 181 year old building happens to be the heart of our campus, and College of Charleston is going to give it a little bit of TLC starting this summer.  Nearly four million dollars have been appropriated for this project, and will cover the repair of the stucco, stone stairways, handrails, gates, window sills, windows, shutters, columns, caps and cornices.  According to College of Charleston’s employee newsletter, the project should only take 9-12 months.  However, because the Cistern and Randolph Hall serve as prime places for events like graduation, the project will need to work around those events.  Therefore, the repairs could spread over three years.

College of Charleston has been in a constant state of repair and construction for some years now, but still maintains a historic feel.  What more could one ask for?

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2 thoughts on “Repairing the heart of campus

  1. Edmund

    Indeed the dollars spent is going to good use. Randolph Hall is one of the most photographed buildings in Charleston. The architectural style is clearly one of the most celebrated throughout the community. The renovation is said to also include upgrades to the surrounding brick walks, aesthetic building and landscape lighting.

  2. And in honor of this post, I learned today that a new webcam launched on Tuesday! It sits above Towell Library and looks out on to the Cistern and Randolph Hall:

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