Are you Linked? We are.

I was at the Charleston Young Professionals YP Wednesday last night on Folly Beach.  First, let me say that one of the things I love about working in Charleston is that you can attend networking events on the beach.

The Charleston Young Professionals (CYP) is a relatively new branch of the Charleston Chamber of Commerce that engages and connects young professionals in the tri-county area. I admittedly haven’t been as involved as I could and should be with CYP, but promote it whenever I can.  So, if you’re a young professional in the Charleston tri-county area, then please visit their website to find ways to get involved.

Last night’s YP Wednesday focused on resume tips and career counseling.  About an hour into networking, Jeff Webster and Nick Tompkins took the floor to discuss ways that social media can help you gain more recognition.  I was pretty interested in what they had to say, considering they’re part of Charleston’s Social Media Club.  I’m not an expert in social media by any means, which is probably why it was a head slap (#facepalm) when Jeff and Nick mentioned LinkedIn groups.

The Graduate School has an account on just about everything out there (Facebook, WordPress, iTunes, YouTube, Twitter) but had yet to play around in LinkedIn.  Until today that is.

Allow me to introduce you to our newest account.

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