Need GSA Executive Board Members

Guest blogger Rachel Collins, President of the Graduate Student Association

Hello Fellow Graduate Students.

As many of you are aware there are two positions open on the Graduate Student Association’s Executive Board, the positions of Secretary and Treasurer. Jose and I will be interviewing to fill these positions as soon as possible and the Senate will vote upon the approved candidate in August.

I would like to invite all of you who are interested in either of these positions to contact me to set up an interview. These executive positions do come with a small monetary stipend, but more importantly they facilitate personal interaction with administrators and allow you to be able to make a difference within the College and for the graduate student body.

Here is a brief description of each of the positions:

Secretary: The secretary maintains all official records of the GSA, takes roll and manages attendance at meetings, handles all GSA correspondence, maintain contact lists, orders food for GSA meetings and communicates with all Graduate School Council representatives

Treasurer: The treasurer is in change of all monetary affairs of the GSA, ensures that accounts are always balanced, develops and maintains the budget, is involved in all fund raising projects, chairs the appropriations committee, and reports on any financial matters at GSC meetings.

If you have any other questions about the responsibilities that come along with either of these positions please contact myself at or Jose at

Please respond to this blog NO LATER than April 24. All interested parties should email me at We will begin interviewing those that have responded within this two week period as soon as possible.

Thank you all and I hope you will seriously think about considering these positions.

Rachel Collins
President, Graduate Student Association

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