Library Room for Grad Students

Finally, I am working on applying to graduate school!  I can now speak from personal experience about the application process and what it’s like to study for those entrance exams.  Let me tell you, the booklet we give all prospects about how to prepare an application is a huge help!  Page 17 has always been my favorite as a recruiter, but as an aspiring grad student, I think the application time line is the most valuable piece in the book.

Because I’m studying (er, relearning) geometry and algebra, I need absolute quiet to concentrate.  I headed over to the Addlestone Library ready to dig in to my study guides in a quiet atmosphere.  The best place I found was a room reserved for our grad students.  It’s up on the third floor and, other than the door opening and closing, it is blissfully quiet.  I’ve already logged in 10 hours in the room, and I’m sure I’ll be in there a lot over the next few months.

If you’re one of our grad students, you should check it out.  There is no sign on the outside of the room, but there is one on a table inside.  Just go up the main stairs to the third floor, walk to the back and take a right.  The room will be on your left, with a wall of windows.

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