Fall 2008 Billing & Due Dates

The Fall 2008 eBills are scheduled to be delivered on July 3, 2008 with a due date of August 16, 2008.  As August 16 falls on a Saturday, the last day we can receive mailed or in person payments is on Friday, August 15.  Cougar Trail and eBill will be available on Saturday, August 16 for payments.


The tuition and fees schedule for the upcoming 2008/2009 year can be found at http://www.treasurer.cofc.edu/financial.html.


All pre-registered students will receive their eBills through their Edisto email addresses as well as to the email addresses of anyone who has been signed up as an Authorized User by the student.  For information about becoming an Authorized User, please see http://www.treasurer.cofc.edu/eBillInstructions.html.

Payment Plans:

Starting with the Fall 2008 semester, we are pleased to offer a new option to our payment plans.  There is now a choice between the original four-payment per semester plan and a new five payment per semester plan.  The five payment plan will have due dates for the Fall on July 16, August 16, September 16, October 16 and November 16.  The four payment plan due dates will be the same except for the July payment.  Please see http://www.treasurer.cofc.edu/PaymentPlan.html for more information.   **IF YOU HAVE FINANCIAL AID AND YOU WOULD LIKE TO SET UP A PAYMENT PLAN FOR THE BALANCE, LOOK FOR SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS ON THE EBILL COVER LETTER IN JULY.**

Past Due Balances:

There is an important change in regulations regarding financial aid.  Colleges are no longer able to pay overdue balances from previous semesters with financial aid for the current term.   Balances from previous semesters must be paid before financial aid can be applied to your Fall 2008 bill. Failure to pay past due balances, even if you have adequate financial aid in the new semester, can lead to cancellation of your Fall registration.


As of the Fall 2008 semester, all refunds, whether from financial aid overpayment or any other source, must be able to be directly deposited into any checking or savings account.  Please set up your banking information on Cougar Trail under “Bank Account Information”.  This will expedite any refunds to the account of your choosing.

Third Party Payers:

If you have any third party paying for college expenses, such as the military, state 529 plans, etc., please be sure to notify us by fax or email as soon as possible.  We will do our best to work with you to have these payments credited as quickly as possible to your account if eligible.

Cancellation of Schedule:

Any balance not paid in full as of the due date is subject to schedule cancellation.  Please contact us immediately if you believe the payment will be delayed for reasons out of your control.  Cancellation of schedule can delay your anticipated graduation date.

Please feel free to contact us anytime:

College of Charleston
Treasurer’s Office
66 George St (mailing address)
170 Calhoun St (physical address)
Charleston SC  29424

Email:   treasurer@cofc.edu (Please include your ID number)
Fax:      843.953.5573
Phone:  843.953.5572

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