Our work published in npj 2D Materials and Applications is now online.


Strong laser polarization control of coherent phonon excitation in van der Waals material Fe3GeTe2


npj 2D Materials and Applications



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US/middle east conference on Photonics at NYC

Very happy to attend and present my research in the US/middle east conference on Photonics at CUNY. (https://asrc.gc.cuny.edu/photonics/events/u-s-middle-east-conference-on-photonics/organizers/)  Talked with Prof. Nader Engheta (University of Pennsylvania),  Prof. Vinod Menon (CUNY), Dr. Nina Meinzer (Nature Physics) and Prof. Federico Capasso (Harvard University).

Parking outside the ASRC Building, 85 St. Nicholas Terrace, New York, NY 10031  : )

Conference room

Some interesting talk.

CUNY PhD program.