Supply Chain and German Studies major Shane Love ’25 interns at Kronos Packaging in Berlin

Shane Love, a Supply Chain and German Studies double major at CofC, is having a tremendous experience at Kronos packaging in Berlin this summer. He has been working in materials resourcing, competitor pricing and merchandising and alsolearning product sales, all in all-German workplace that is bringing his language proficiency to new heights!

Shane is learning a great deal at his internship but also loving the camaraderie of his cohort of fellow CofC students on the program this summer, who all took a four-week language course at the Carl Duisburg institute in Berlin in May and are now on different internship placements thought Berlin and the country: “I’ve been very lucky to share this experience with such a fantastic group of people. Each of us brings something unique to the table, and each of us has been super supportive of each other throughout.”

Summer Internship to Germany program director Stephen Della Lana aka Herr DL stopped by Kronos Packaging to see Shane and visit with his manager as part of his annual tour of site visits.

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