Chloe Goff, International Studies and German Studies double major, interns in international development aid in Munich

Chloe Goff ’25, German and International Studies double major, is interning this summer in international developmental aid in Munich. She is working for Menschen für Menschen in München, a Munich-based NGO that provides developmental assistance in Ethiopia. There are about 25 people in the Munich office and 600 on the ground in Ethiopia. Chloe has been working on social media marketing for the organization.

Chloe received her placement via CofC’s longstanding Cultural Vistas Summer Internship Program in Germany program, now in its 20th year! As part of the program, students take a 4-week intensive German language course in Berlin and are then placed in a two-month internship in their field, regardless of major or area. The Program’s director Stephen Della Lana conducts site visits of the interns in June and just visited with Chloe today.

German Studies and International Studies major Chloe Goff ’25 (right) and Cultural Vistas CofC Summer Internship Program Director Stephen Della Lana (left) catch up and check in about her internship over dinner in Munich.

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