Dr. Irina Erman receives inaugural Levin Prize for her article “Nation and Vampiric Narration”

Congratulations to Russian Studies Program director Dr. Irina Erman, whose article “Nation and Vampiric Narration in Aleksey Tolstoy’s “The Family of the Vourdalak” from January 2020 received the inaugural Levin Prize for best article in The Russian Review. Dr. Erman went on the SRB Podcast recently to discuss the article and her work. Check out the podcast here: https://srbpodcast.org/2021/10/08/the-vampires-of-a-k-tolstoy/?fbclid=IwAR1sWitYsumAMAVNalTFzXMESoq_q-bBevOxCDorQRmzsMyiqcr9OhsrCCM




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