Globally Connected: Professor Della Lana’s German Business Translation Course links up with Editing Class in Amsterdam

This semester, Professor Stephen Della Lana’s GRMN 390-01 Business Translation course is linking up with CofC French and German alumna and professional translator Kristen Gehrman’s English Text Editing Course at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Professor Gehrman’s students will work in tandem with Professor Della Lana’s and Professor Gehrman will also videoconference in to GRMN 390-01 to discuss careers in translations with our students! With the completion of the Global Education Initiative’s International Lab on the 4th floor of JC Long this month, Professor DL’s students will be able to communicate simultaneously with their tandem partners at four different work stations. Exciting times for global connection possibilities here at CofC!

Professor Della Lana’s GRMN 390 Business Translation course

Professor Gehrman’s English Text Editing course in Amsterdam

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