Neuroscience Seminar in Germany is a summer study abroad program for undergraduate students, which emphasizes the international nature of neuroscience research and the collaborative educational opportunities that are possible in today’s scientific community.  Registration for the course will be through the College of Charleston.  The course content will focus on current topics in neuroscience research while taking advantage of the historical lens Germany provides to examine the origins of our knowledge about nervous system function.  We will be hosted by two German universities: Ludwig Maximilians Universität (LMU) in Munich and Charité Medical University in Berlin. Both universities are members of the German Graduate Schools of Neuroscience (GSN). The course topics have been selected based both on the research specialties of the faculty at these institutions and the unique historical perspective provided by the location.  Cultural excursions into Berlin and Munich are also part of the program.  Berlin and Munich are exciting cities, providing a view into the spectrum of German culture.  The capital city of Berlin teems with museums, galleries, restaurants and rich diversity of cultural opportunities.  Munich blends historical Bavarian culture with a vibrant modern city dynamic.