Faire en Master en France ?

Have you considered …. a master in France

Faire des études master en France

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Si vous deviez étudier en France… que choisiriez-vous ?

Le gouvernement français vient d’ouvrir un nouveau site en 2017 : https://www.trouvermonmaster.gouv.fr/

Sinon, Campus France…


Pour aujourd’hui je vous demande de rechercher une université et un diplome français de master qui corresponde à votre formation.

Vous pouvez utiliser les portails suivants





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Consistently among the most popular international study destinations, France has been grabbing additional study-abroad headlines over the past few years due to its capital’s run at the top of the QS Best Student Cities index – a listing of the world’s top 50 cities for students. While few would dispute Paris’ position among the world’s most iconic, cultured and generally delightful urban centers, the inaugural results of the Best Student Cities project in 2012 nonetheless caused something of a stir. After all, there’s plenty of stiff competition out there for the title of “Best Student City” – not least from Paris’ cross-channel rival, London, which currently comes third in the list.

Why choose graduate study in France?

In a 2013 survey conducted by Campus France, the national agency which promotes French higher education overseas, teaching quality was among the most-cited reasons for choosing to study in France, along with opportunities to improve French language proficiency and interest in French culture. The same survey reflected the increasing competitiveness of the international student market – 45% of respondents said they had hesitated between France and another country – but found that nine out of ten who did choose to study in France would recommend it.

Feedback from a group of international postgraduate students at ESSEC (École Supérieure des Sciences Économiques et Commerciales), a well-known business school based just outside of Paris, largely reflects the Campus France findings.


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