Department Updates: A Year of Teaching and Research

Department Updates: A Year of Teaching and Research

This semester, we at Folio have been brainstorming new ways of sharing department news. In the past these end-of-year posts, previously titled “Faculty Notes,” have organized news based on who contributed it. This year, we’re trying a different arrangement to…

Evgeniya Monico's Review of Crazyhorse No. 92

Evgeniya Monico’s Review of Crazyhorse No. 92

As some of you may–or may not–know, when our esteemed Creative Writing faculty aren’t busy being fabulous teachers and writers, they’re hard at work editing the literary magazine Crazyhorse.  For those in the know, the reputation of Crazyhorse precedes itself. Work printed in…

Faculty Publications: Emily Rosko's New Book

Faculty Publications: Emily Rosko’s New Book

We’re pleased to announce that Emily Rosko’s latest book, Weather Inventions, was published today by the Akron Press as part of their Akron Series in Poetry.  If you happened to hear Dr. Rosko’s talk, “Finishes & Starts,” at the October 3rd…

Faculty Profile: Devin Byker

Faculty Profile: Devin Byker

“One thing I hope to teach students is that our assumptions about the past can erase important histories, identities, and stories—it’s a kind of confirmation bias that can end up reinforcing historical stereotypes.” ____________________________ As a first-year faculty member of…

Professors Drager & Craig Take Us Somewhere New

We are so pleased to welcome our new faculty Dr. Jacob Craig and Dr. Lindsey Drager. With their arrival, students will have new ways of thinking about what it means to be a writer in the most expansive way possible. Drager,…

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