Literati: The English Organization For Any and All

Literati is a student organization which welcomes any and all who appreciate creative texts in any of its forms, including film, music, art, books, and more. While Literati is supported by the English department at CofC, it is not exclusive to students of the English major. Literati is for all students interested in creative expression and appreciating culture. Their main goal is to spread the love and appreciation for creative texts in all of its forms and encourage students to learn more about literature and art as well as each other. Literati provides students with a platform to freely and safely express themselves and their art.

So, what does Literati do? Literati gives students a chance to be part of a community at the College that supports young creators. Students are able to bring their writing, music, art, etc. to the meetings to share with other students and without concerns about grades. The meetings are similar to that of an English class at CofC but without the formalities and are completely student led. If you’re interested in joining, the meetings are held biweekly on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm in the English lounge on Glebe street.

Literati’s most well-known event on campus is their open mic night. Students are welcome to bring their own work or works created by others to perform. A few popular genres include poetry, fiction, song writing, comedy, and rap. On November 13th, Literati will be hosting a Friendsgiving themed open mic night which will include a potluck and of course, an open mic. 

Literati is a growing group interested in pursuing the interests of its members. This means that they are always open to new ideas! If you have any ideas of events that you would like to attend and think would be a good fit to Literati, please feel free to email their faculty advisor, Dr. Devin Byker. Dr. Byker just recently began as the faculty advisor this Fall and is excited to work with students to encourage their creativity outside of the classroom.