Study Abroad: Florence & Ireland


Spend Fall 2019 in Florence, Italy! Earn up to 9 credit hours for your English major in classes like:  ENGL 360 – Cooking the Books: Food in Literature, ENGL 365 – The Idea of Italy in American Literature, and ENGL 366 – Travel Writing! The city of great food, art, architecture, history, and beautiful lights. This is a College of Charleston faculty lead program and all courses are taught by Dr. Susan Farrell and Dr. Joe Kelly from the Department of English. The cost for accommodations and all trips is not much more than living in Charleston, only $6700!

For more information, contact Dr. Susan Farrell ( or Dr. Joe Kelly (


Spend June in Dublin! The College of Charleston Summer School in Ireland features two English courses this year: Engl 326- Irish Literature and Engl 365- Introduction to Irish Culture. Go abroad with CofC faculty and learn in the center of Ireland at St. Patrick’s campus of Dublin City University! Guided tours in and around Dublin will be offered along with two extended field trips to the beautiful West and South of Ireland. All this for only $4,196.

Colleen Glenn and Susan Farrell pictured with four CofC students while abroad in Ireland

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