The National Day on Writing is on October 20th!

Why do you write? Tell us during the celebration of the National Day on Writing! The Writing, Rhetoric, and Publication program, the Writing Lab, Literati, and the Sustainability Literacy Institute are sponsoring a variety of events the week of Oct 15 to celebrate.

Starting Today (Monday, Oct. 15th):

Enter the online raffle:

Post a message to Twitter or Instagram about why you write using the hashtag #whyiwrite and #cofcwrites. The winner will receive Stephen King’s book On Writing!

Why I write Easel:

For a chance to win a Halloween surprise, write a message on the #WhyIWrite easel, located in the Writing Lab in the Addlestone Library!

Student Artwork Exhibit:

While you are in the Library, QEP Sustainability Literacy Expression of the year and College Reads is hosting a student writing and artwork display in Addlestone’s Wachovia Gallery.

Writing Carnival:

From 11am-2pm, a writing carnival will be happening on Rivers Green! There will be a variety of writing activities, including blackout poems, a letterpress station, six-word memoirs, and more (with a chance to win tons of swag!).

Tuesday, October 16th:

Open Mic Night:

The Literati club presents its all too famous open mic night! They will host some of the best talent the College has to offer! Located in in the English Courtyard, from 6pm-9pm.

Saturday, October 20th:

The #whyiwrite raffle winner will be selected and will win a copy of Stephen King’s novel, On Writing.