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    What Are You Going To Do with That?

    English majors are often asked that unavoidable question: what are you going to do with that ...


What Are You Going To Do with That?

English majors are often asked that unavoidable question: what are you going to do with that major? Sigh. The answer, of course, is lots. And there is no shortage of positive press about the strong return on investment offered by English and other humanities degrees. So yes, the question is unimaginative and, if we tap into […]

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Alumni Spotlight

We love to share stories about what our alumni are up to. In our last issue, we focused on alumni who carved out their careers in the Charleston area. In this issue, we offer the first in what will be an ongoing series of alumni profiles published in monthly installments as Folio transitions from a yearly newsletter to a […]

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Serious Summer Scholars

This past summer, four English students received competitive Summer Undergraduate Research with Faculty (SURF) grants from the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities. These grants–which allow students to dedicate their summer months to full-time, dedicated, independent research–function as crucial gateways, intellectually and otherwise: they challenge students to reflect and research more deeply than a […]

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Thinking, Twice

Each discipline–be it English or engineering, classics or chemistry, business or biology–reflects a distinct sub-culture. Professors build their professional lives around these disciplinary cultures, and students, sometimes without knowing it, easily follow suit. And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing: it’s important to identify and engage in the communities that will ground one’s academic and professional identity in college and beyond. It […]

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English Major Wants to Change the Game

  The College of Charleston Magazine‘s Amanda Kerr recently profiled one of our own–Senior English major, gamer, feminist, activist, and researcher extraordinaire, Shannon Haas. Kerr’s piece introduces her reader to Haas’s unique research project that began in an Introduction to English Studies course, proceeded through a funded summer research project, and is now the topic of her year-long […]

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English Alumni Scholarship Recipients Give Thanks

It can be hard to remember how much even a little bit of scholarship support can help sustain a college student both practically and in more profound ways. The English department has made a strong effort over the past years to make available a set of endowed scholarships, as well as awards supported by smaller donations […]

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English Goes to the Archives

Guest Post by Chris Warnick, Allyson Plessner, and Ayre Wilson In ENGL 466: Seminar in Writing, Rhetoric, and Language, students examined the history of English studies at the College of Charleston. Although students learned about and conducted extensive archival research, the most important goal of the course was for students to get advanced practice in […]

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Professors Drager & Craig Take Us Somewhere New

We are so pleased to welcome our new faculty Dr. Jacob Craig and Dr. Lindsey Drager. With their arrival, students will have new ways of thinking about what it means to be a writer in the most expansive way possible. Drager, who joins our Creative Writing faculty from the University of Denver where she recently completed her […]

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