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Complete Verification Now!

Posted by: Aron | May 29, 2013 | No Comment |

Students that were selected for verification should turn in their documents as soon as possible, preferably this week. Assuming everything goes as planned, we’re going to begin awarding federal and need-based aid to everybody except entering freshmen in about two weeks. When we do, we will ignore students who have not completed verification.

Verification Worksheets can be delivered by hand to our location in the Lightsey Center; faxed to us at 843-953-7192; mailed to the Office of Financial Assistance, College of Charleston, 66 George St., Charleston, SC 29424; or scanned and emailed to financialaid@cofc.edu (my favorite). If the IRS Data Retrieval tool is available, I highly recommend using it as it only takes minutes. By comparison, theĀ  Tax Return Transcript takes at least three weeks.

Since it takes about a week for documents that have been turned in to be reviewed and verification to be complete, now is the time to turn in the documents.

Fun stat: Of all valid FAFSA’s that we’ve loaded, 76.5% were NOT selected for verification.

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