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Presidential Scholarships Awarded for Entering Freshmen

Posted by: Aron | March 7, 2013 | 2 Comments |

Last week we sent out emails notifying entering freshmen that were awarded Presidential Scholarships. All students that applied for admission by Dec. 1 were considered. This year’s group was filled with more talented students than ever before; the average for a scholarship recipient is SAT score of 1325 (ACT: 30) and weighted GPA of 4.438. So for everyone that was awarded a scholarship, congratulations.

Unfortunately our budget doesn’t allow for us to award all the students we wish we could, not by a long shot. Also, due to the preparation the scholarship committee takes in making the awards, the awards are not negotiable. Of course, we always recommend that student diligently research and apply for outside scholarship.

Federal aid will be available the beginning of April for students that have completed the FAFSA.

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If an entering freshman didn’t receive a presidential scholarship for this year, is there an opportunity to receive one the following year(s)?

Unfortunately no, the Presidential is only awarded to entering freshmen who can then renew it.
The LIFE Scholarship is the only major scholarship program at the College which a student can gain eligibility.
Most of the departmental scholarships are awarded to juniors or seniors. They typically have an application process and it’s worth looking into before you might be eligible to ensure you’re doing what you need to. They’re not an overwhelming number, on average 25 scholarships per school, but certainly could be helpful.

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