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LIFE, HOPE Awarded for Entering Freshmen

Posted by: Aron | March 7, 2013 | 4 Comments |

We have awarded LIFE and HOPE Scholarships for entering freshmen in MyCharleston. When the Commission on Higher Education notifies the College of Palmetto Fellows in April, we’ll award those scholarships, but until then the computer automatically awards a LIFE Scholarship. Palmetto Promise will be calculated at that time too.

Entering freshmen can take the SAT and/or ACT tests through the June test dates to raise their score for a state scholarship. So if a student has a HOPE Scholarship and increases his/her score to 1100 SAT or 24 ACT, the HOPE will be replaced with the LIFE Scholarship. Since the Palmetto Fellows involves applying through the high school, I would recommend that students with close scores talk to their guidance counselor about the feasibility of increasing the scores high enough to become eligible.

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Are these awards for the freshmen entering in Fall 2013?

Yes, my current posts about entering freshmen are referring to those starting in Fall 2013. Thanks for the question; when you’re working in it, you take lingo shortcuts and need to be reminded occasionally that no one else knows them.

When you say HOPE do you mean that GA students can receive assistant if they qualify for HOPE in GA and are attending COC?? Or is there also a HOPE scholarship in SC?

There is a separate HOPE Scholarship in South Carolina, supported by the Education Lottery. It is for a student’s first year with the opportunity that if the student meets the renewal criteria for the LIFE Scholarship, then the student will receive those funds in the second year.
If Georgia will send us the funds, then we’ll make their HOPE Scholarship available, but their program is not set up that way.

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