The Portuguese Program presents a screening of Orfeu (dir. Carlos Diegues, 2000)

On Wednesday, October 9, the Portuguese Program is hosting a screening of Orfeu (2000), a film directed by Carlos Diegues that retells the well-known Classical myth of Orpheus and Eurydice (and is based on the play by Brazilian writer Vinicius de Morares). unlike the well known 1959 film by Marcel Camus, Black Orpheus, Diegues’s film is in vibrant color and portrays a Rio de Janeiro that is sophisticated and heterogeneous. It’s a dazzling film with exiting music by the legendary Caetano Veloso, the genius musician/composer behind the “Tropicália” movement of the late 1960s–a movement that’s celebrated the richness, the color of Brazilian culture known so well throughout the world without neglecting the country’s historical and political contexts.

Join us Wednesday, October 9 at 4pm in 129 Science Auditorium in the School of Science and Mathematics Building.

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