Schedule of Fall 2019 film courses – revised

Here’s a revised list of courses offered this Fall 2019 that will count toward FMST credit. Please check back frequently for updates/changes. Click highlighted text for course description (if available).

ENGL 212
Cinema: History & Criticism*
Prof. Bruns
TR 10:50-12:05
RSS 251
ENGL 212
Cinema: History & Criticism*
Prof. Bruns
TR 12:15-1:30
RSS 251
ENGL 390
Special Topics
in Film: American
Cinema of the 1970s
Prof. Bruns
TR 1:40-2:55
RSS 251

IIAS 304
Special Topics: Exploring Irish Culture
through Film and Television**
Matthew Garrison
MWF 10:00-10:50
MYBK 206
LTGR 270
Studies in German
Film: Thirty Years
of German Cinema
Prof. Nenno
TR 3:05-4:20

LTIT 370
Studies in Italian Cinema:
Mafia and the Movies**
Prof. De Luca
TR 1:40-2:55
BELL 412
LTPO 270
Studies in Brazilian Film**
Prof. Moreira
MW 2:00-3:15
LONG 336
WGST 320/PHIL 298
Queer Looks: Lesbian,
Gay, and Transgender
Portrayals in Cinema
Prof. Nunan
MW 3:25-4:40
Th 3:05-5:15 (screening time)
MYBK 206
THTR 350
Selected Topics in
Communication Production:
Rodney Rodgers
TR 9:25-10:40
SCFA 221

* meets the requirement for Cluster 1 of the FMST minor
** meets the requirement for Cluster 2 of the FMST minor
*** meets the requirement for Cluster 3 of the FMST minor


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