Threads Todisco: A Charleston Brand

As many of you have probably figured out over the semester, I have taken an interest in the fast fashion industry and the impacts the industry has on the environment. I think it’s important to put thought into the clothing you buy to not only make the smallest impact as possible, but to ensure your style represents who you are. The clothing you wear is the first thing people see when you come into contact with them, first impressions matter.

A friend and I were walking through Charleston City Night Market a few months ago and we came across a booth filled with unique clothing and accessories, we later learned the brand is named Threads Todisco. After looking through some of the clothes, the owner of Threads Todisco, Anna Todisco, came over and spoke to me about her line. Threads Todisco is located in Charleston and creates one of a kind garments from recycled and thrifted materials as well as upcycled pieces. With scraps of material they cannot use for clothing, they create funky scrunchies and pockets that can be used to create pocket tees.

When I was talking to Anna I told her that I had just written a research paper on the harmful impacts of the fast fashion industry for this class, which sparked an entire conversation on the fast industry and how she wanted to combat the industry with her sustainable brand. It was really cool to be able to have these conversations outside of class because it is reassuring to hear that other people are truly concerned about the state of our environment and are doing their part by sharing their talent. If you’re interested in sustainable fashion, local fashion, or even just unique fashion you should definitely check out Threads Todisco!


Threads Todisco Social Media

Instagram- (@threadstodisco)


Etsy- (ThreadsTodisco)

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  1. I”m happy to hear that you’re nurturing this interest outside of class as well! I just liked their FB page!

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