Office of Sustainability Clothing Swap Event

I went to an event hosted by the office of Sustainability. The event was called Clothing Swap. The name of the event pretty much explains exactly what it was about, which is swapping clothes. People including myself brought to the Alumni center clothing that was either new or only worn a few times. The clothes people brought in were put on hangers and hung on racks just like you would find in a clothing store. All anyone had to do was choose which ever clothing piece they wanted. I think this was a great event, not only because I got a few new shirts out of it, but because we all were putting use to the clothes we don’t wear anymore. In a sense it was like we were recycling our clothes because someone else would be putting them to great use. A good number of people came out to the event which was good. At the end they had a lot of left over clothes that I believe they would donate to someplace like goodwill or something. If the Office of Sustaniblilty was to host something like this again I definitely would go again. First off, I love shopping for clothes in the first place so swapping clothes is the next best thing. The main thing I liked about the event was you didn’t have to pay anything because you already paid for the clothes you brought to swap. I also believe that you didn’t even have to bring clothes if you didn’t want to, you could just chose which ones you wanted from the clothes that were already there. Overall in my opinion I think the event was a success.

3 thoughts on “Office of Sustainability Clothing Swap Event

  1. This event sounds super cool, I wish I would have been able to attend! I hope the Office of Sustainability does another clothing swap event because it sounds like it is a great way not only bring attention to sustainable practices, but it would be fun as well!

  2. This sounds like a great event. There are a lot of clothes filling our closet that no longer have a purpose for us. It is great to make them useful for others. I also think that this counts as recycling.

  3. I went to it earlier and was able to get rid of some ill-fitting pants for a cute top! I’m glad you enjoyed it, Chinescha!

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