DIY Workshop

On February 28th, I was lucky enough to be one of the forty people that got to attend a DIY workshop hosted by the College of Charleston’s Office of Sustainability. The workshop focused on teaching us how to produce homemade versions of toothpaste, face wash, and body scrub. The event started with introductions as well as a brief discussion on the micro plastics that are put into many of the hygiene products that we use every day. Next, we all split into groups to begin making our products. My group started with toothpaste. I was especially lucky because I had actually just run out of normal ¬†toothpaste that morning, and this was the perfect opportunity to restock. It was a truly simple process in all honesty. The toothpaste was made from only three ingredients. We just had to mix coconut oil with baking soda. After that was thoroughly blended, we had to add in peppermint oil as an additional way to fight off bacteria. Next, we got the chance to make an simple body scrub. This had a recipe that was just as simple as the toothpaste. All we had to do was mix Epson salt with baking soda. After that, we got to add whatever essential oils we wanted to the mix to match our individual preferences. Finally, we moved on the the exfoliating face wash. This was a bit more complicated. We had to mix Castile soap with carrier oil. Then, we added in honey to help exfoliate the skin. Next, we were given an enormous selection of essential oils that had different health benefits such as helping dry or damage skin. Lastly, my group thanked our hosts, and I asked if there would be any other events like this later in the semester because it was really fun. The office will be hosting more events in April as an FYI. Overall, this was a great learning experience, and I believe the products turned out fairly well.