I Read a Guide to Wasteless Living

Recently, I came across a guide to wasteless living while was browsing through social media, and I just wanted to share a few of the tips it talked about as well as how it is affecting me. I will also include a link to the guide. For starters, it shared a few basic practices for wasteless and sustainable living. These include using usable cups, composting, buying local etc. Next, it went into some strange topics I had never really thought about. It gave a recipe for making bars of shampoo which was pretty neat. Then, it explained the dangers of trying to compost tea bags because they can contain micro plastics. Apparently, it is much better to just buy loose leaf tea and save the environment a bit of stress. Another interesting topic that was covered was how you should invest in metal clothespins (if you hang your clothes to dry) because wooden pins can break easily, and the metal is somewhat hard to recycle. The guide also advised donating old towels to places like animal shelters since they are always in need. I was introduced to wax wraps which work similarly to cellophane wrap but uses the warmth of your hands to mold itself to whatever you use it on. The guide did offer a few extremes that I do not think that I am ready for. It advised using designated clothes instead of toilet paper. I am not sure about the rest of you, but I am not quite comfortable enough to take this kind of step towards wasteless living. Lastly, the guide ends with a few challenges for its readers. I am already trying to take on one of these challenges by cutting plastic straws out of my life by buying a set of metal straws. I honestly have no idea why it took me so long to do something so simple.

Wasteless living – a guide (including mini challenges) OC

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  1. Thaks for sharing this, Dylan! I think I also might have to pass on the idea of using clothes instead of toilet paper. Instead, perhaps we could focus on how the toilet paper is designed and disposed of.

  2. When talking about “wasteless living”, this class has really opened my eyes to the big blue trash can (recycling) that I know I have not payed enough attention to. My girlfriend and I basically quit using paper towels a few weeks ago (just washable rags), saves money and waste!

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