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Yesterday’s lecture that incorporated discussions on overfishing in our oceans really struck a chord with me. Even as someone who cares about the environment, this topic has (I regret to admit) slipped from my mind recently. I actually wrote a paper for my writing class last year about overfishing in our oceans, but since then I have not stayed up to date on this idea. Moving to Charleston from upstate NY, the ocean is a lot closer to home now than it ever has been before. After class on Tuesday, it occurred to me that now more than ever before, in these especially uncertain times, how the future of our oceans (and the environment in general) is at risk. The fact of the matter is, our new president views climate change as a “hoax”. I actually found a great blog post from National Geographic that discusses the transfer of power, the environmental policy of our old and new presidents, and the future of the oceans.

It can be found here:


Per the assignment, I guess this subject matter falls under the category of a “current event”, but I think it is important to take the environmental crisis in our oceans especially, and look at both its past and future. Before we are able to make drastic changes to save our oceans, we have to directly regard both the mistakes we have made in the past as well as both the repercussions and possibilities for the future ahead.

If you have not heard of the algae blooms in nearby regions, I especially recommend that you read the article in the link that I posted. The areas having these environmental problems are not far away from Charleston at all. The best way that we can prevent further environmental issues is by educating ourselves and taking action. The more you know, the more good you can do!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great article, Brian! I hope to talk about some of these specific policies in class once March rolls around.

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